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UX & UI Frontend Developer

Hey there! I am a web developer living in San Francisco and traveling around Europe, making websites and learning new code. What exactly do I do? As a frontend developer, my skill set allows me to write the website coding for million dollar corporations, as well as startup businesses looking for a way to increase profits. When it comes to making a website, I push for the highest (ROI) Return On Investment to help you grow.



Marketing Campaign & Web Development

After high school, I contracted with small repair companies that were seeking growth. within the first 2 years, I rebranded the company from "repair firm" to "claim settlement company" and tripled the number of clients. In the next 2 years, I was in charge of building the company website and CRM in this time I also hired actors, directors, scriptwriters along with many another service to launch a video campaign that was able to get the company a contract with one of the biggest moving companies in LA on the first day of the campaign.


Teleios Design

At teleios design I was a part of the marketing side, this gave me experiences on how web agencies operate. well working there I was slowly being trained in web design.


Part-Time Freelancing

Well taking web design classes I started the web design rental company to do part time work as I seek my SF dream job.



I studied web development with Codify in San Francisco, CA, where I received my official certification. I am trained and certified in many other areas, as well, including HTML, CSS, (2)Javascript and PHP, and I am working on others. As a web developer, it is my passion to constantly be learning, practicing new techniques, and gaining new skills.


HTML, CSS & JavaScript

Cpanel & Server Management

Cloud, CRM Integration

SEO & Optimization

More About Me

I have over four years of experience with various types of coding, and I am constantly working to expand my knowledge of these coding practices. I don't use CMS's (ex. Wordpress, Joomla, etc), as they slow down your website, therefore reducing overall efficiency and negatively affect your Google ranking. I love trying out the latest technologies and frameworks, but my favorite so far is Twitter Bootstrap, due to its mere simplicity and ability to make all sites easily responsive.

HTML & CSS & less & sass

JavaScript & jQuery & means.js

Cloud & CRM Integration

web app & Responsive Design

Website & Server Management

security & SSL & CDN

Logo Design & business cards


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